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We protect people and businesses from scams

Tech Pattern 3D Lined Shape protects people and businesses from all scams. Scams are on the rise and account for billions of dollars in losses every year, globally. According to the FTC, in terms of the number of scams, and reports received, #1 on the list is Imposter Scams, followed by #2 Online Shopping, #3 Prizes, Sweepstakes, and Lotteries, #4 Investments, and #5 Business and Job Opportunities. We prevent all major scams and protect clients from all possible future scams. We are with you and your business at every point of entry to prevent scammers from getting access.

List of Scams

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24/7 - 365

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Internet Scams

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Investment Scams

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Romantic Scams



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Traditional Scams

We protect you and your business from all traditional scams including gaming scams, mail scams, phone scams, text scams and so many other traditional scams.

Financial scams

We protect you and your business from investment scams, bank scams, credit scams, identity scams, laundering scams and many other financial scams.

online scams

We protect you and your business from internet scams, email scams, social media scams, website scams, eCommerce scams, and many other online scams.

customized features

customize your scam protection based on your requirements, needs, and desire as much as you want

ease of use

We make it easy for you to get scam protection without the worry hassle, headaches and issues

24/7 support

We provide you with around the clock protection and support

"the type of scam protection we didn't know existed until now and I'm glad we found it"

Person working from home using a computer

Aaliyah Johnson

"We deal with so much sensitive info and data that I am constantly stressed but this allows me to now actually sleep at night"

Portrait of Plus Size Young Woman Outdoors

Jenny Mercer

"I've lost allot recently from scams I thought were real and said to myself that I cannot be a victim, while I work hard and scammers enjoy my fruits"

Portrait of a Professional

Yanis Page

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Scamming is becoming better and more lucrative than ever before. Not having scam protection will leave you and your business in a very bad position.

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